Sunday, December 18, 2011

December Daily Week 2

Friday, December 9th... After a few finishing touches on the tree, Santa coloring pages, and an indoor snowball fight the kids made me lunch!Check Spelling On of our family favorites... cheesy baked hot dogs and fruit salad.
I must say they are quiet the little chefs!
Saturday, December 10th...
We headed to Austin to celebrate cousin Rhiannon's 4th birthday!!
She had a Strawberry Shortcake themed party with lots of primping and prissy activities.
Adelyn blinged two bows (making three on her head!) and painted her nails 5 times... yup! 5 times means 5 layers of 5 different colors on her tiny little nails! (I hope to post more on this cute party later!)
Mike pretty much ate and ate and ate! Sunday, December 11th...
I did not pick up my camera but to snap a few pics of our new entertainment center HERE. We did manage to slap up some of our outside lights and wrapped presents. We also took a nice long nap!
Monday, December 12th... Gingerbread Man Day!! This is one of mommy's very favorite traditions as I love all the fun versions of the story.
Mike was very helpful and excited!
Addy was... not so much helpful, but excited none the less. Oddly, her favorite part was eating the Red Hot candy- what? don't most little ones hate those hard, hot things... nope not Addy... I would bet she ate or licked 100 of 'em!
Tuesday, December 13th...
Again no camera. While Mike was at school Addy and mommy went for do-nuts and coffee. We came home and did a smidge of laundry, but mostly played! When Mike came home from school our friends came over to craft. The mommies made more "Joy" blocks and the kids made tissue paper ornaments... Mike opted out of the craft and Addy tore her off hoping to re- glue them on... lordy, what a a fun mess she made!
Wednesday, December 14th...
Our neighbor hosted a cookie exchange and tea party. It was super fun and we met even more neighbors!! Pam, the hostess is retired and has no grand babies, so she is pretty smitten with all the neighborhood kiddos.
This is just one of three tables of cookies! Trust me they were every where- yummy! I made my peppermint brownie bites, but with chocolate cake instead... so ummm, peppermint cake balls!
Pam had all of her lovely tea sets our on display... this is one of maybe 20! She also has every kind of tea you can think of and the yummiest punch (which I have to get the recipe for!)
Thursday, December 15...
On this day I tried to use the camera, but could not find it anywhere! My neighbor Ashley came over after the big kids went to school and we designed a few picture frames for her. Adelyn and I went to wal-mart and bought our last few presents, new tooth brushes, and two new wii games!!!
Friday, December 26th...
Date night!! Adam and I used our groupon to take an art class by a local artist. I have wanted to do this for YEARS and it was so much fun!
Linda Johnson, the art teacher specializes in local scenery... like Canyon Lake, Gruene Hall, The River Walk... we did a Hill Country Meadow...
Saturday, December 17th...
Elmo Live!! I have had these tickets for 6 months and they were fantastic seats front and center!
Lucky for me, Mike still likes singing and dancing with the Sesame Gang... Addy of course adores them! I think the best ages for this show is 2 to six or even 7... it was like a Broadway show but for kids... even those the characters maybe geared for the preschoolers... the content and entertainment was so fun older kids would have been engaged!
It is not cheap by any means, but worth every penny. My kids were dancing in the aisle, singing there heads off, and beaming even after we got home! Super, super fun!


  1. Love your idea of sharing you & yours month of December.Now I don't feel like I am missing anything, just wish I was there. XOXO LaLa

  2. Whew! What a week!! Full of fun fun fun!

  3. What a funfilled week! Love the painting class. Y'all did a great job. What a good sport Adam is. I could never get Russell to do something like that. I love all of Addy's cute little dresses!


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