Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beautiful Dresser Re-do

Look what we got!! Yay! After months of pinning beautiful turquoise entertainment pieces on Pinterest and thanks to my talented neighbor, Stacey... I got one! Would you believe this was how it looked before Stacey worked her magic! She just started an etsy shop, Feather Lane Designs, and if you are from central Texas she can even paint a piece you already have... you know that old ugly one you have?
We have pulled the top drawers out to hold our DVR and other t.v. must haves.
Aside for it's beauty and wonderful pop of color... I love the amount of storage it has added to our living room. We can always use more of that!
Inside the big drawers we can store all of our Wii fit stuff, cords and manuals for all our electronics and even throw blankets and games!
In the side drawers we have our DVDs, Will games and accessories, and... well, items to be named later! Would you believe I still have 2 empty ones!!
Don't forget to check out Stacey's etsy shop, Feather Lane Designs and if you are interested in a piece or have a piece you want her to work on... email me!


  1. I love it, just love it!!! Can't wait to see it in person. LaLa

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!! It looks amazing! Glad you finally made your dream come true. Love all the extra storage! Sounds like your neighborhood is the ideal place to be!

  3. GORGEOUS!! You are really making that house your dream home... good for you!


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