Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Shepherd Boy...

December 8th...
For several weeks I have been drilling Mike in attempt to get any information about his up coming Christmas Program... I got nothing outta him! I was way more excited than he was! Turns out he was a shepherd!! and a darn cute one, too! His last performance was two years ago, when he was in the jingle bell band!
I could not get a good picture on stage to save my life, but here he is!
I wanted to post videos because they are pretty hysterical and much clearer than these pictures, but blogger did not like them.
Mike's best friend, our neighbor Gracie was an angel. Sigh... how cute are they!?!
Mike had his fan club there...
Just like his very first Christmas show...
His fan club president and proud mama!
Gracie's fan club was there, too!
Yes, I am pretty sure to live in our new neighborhood you have to have adorable babies!! *Note to absent fan clubs member I will try posting the video to FaceBook!


  1. OHHHH! How cute are those little sheppards and angels??!!! I love the comparison pics. My how babies can change in the blink of an eye! Apparently you're right, to live in your neighborhood you have to have adorable babies!!!

  2. Very cute! Can't believe how big the kids are looking these days!!!!

  3. Love my little shepard. He looks very proud. Thanks for sharing. LaLa


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