Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec. Daily Week 1

December is well under way! Since this is a very special Christmas for us, as it is our first in our new house and the kids are at perfect ages (2&4) I have started a December Daily Book. In a nut shell, it is a pretty journal that we can record all the little things that we do and feel and think and eat and believe and share and... well you get the picture...
December 1st... It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Decor is out of the attic and the playroom tree is up.
We are trying to make our old decorations fit in the new house, so it is a slow process.
There is a little red headed elf that lines up my Nativity every time I turn around... I think he is gonna be a math person!
December 2nd...
Grinch Night! In past Christmases we have not been too into the Grinch, but this year he ranks right up there with The Gingerbread Man! After reading the book we headed up stairs and watched the original cartoon... It was so fun to see the kids glued to the tv watching something Adam and I watched as a kid. Addy kept point and saying "The witch mommy! See the witch?"
We also made ugly Grinch cookies... They were way better than they looked... just like the Grinch!
December 3rd...
Mike has been waiting 354 days for this event... we set up our version of The Polar Express. The kids have been really good about taking turns with this. Mike declared himself "The Little Boss" of the train (mommy is the big boss of everything)... and Addy was ok with this... for now.
December 4th... Daddy took us into town for Christmas shopping. The kids enjoyed picking out gifts for each other. Mike really wanted Addy to get the Nerf Bazooka... I was able to convince him to get for daddy instead. And Addy was happy to get her brother a matching one! After shopping we went to IHOP and had pancakes for lunch... JOY!!
December 5th... We bundled up and went for a walk checking out the neighborhood lights. It is so nice that almost ever house in the neighborhood has lights up... we are really enjoying that!
December 6th...
Mike headed off to school and Addy and I headed to the grocery store where we managed to buy some Christmas spirit...
and we ended the night with our first 'Date Night In' since we moved in. To be honest, I kinda forgot we used to so this in the old house. There we had a "formal" living room where we would have our wine, play some music, and relax... in this house we only have a "formal" dining, but it worked just the same!
I made some decaf Christmas coffee and bought two fancy cannolies... we WILL be doing this again very soon! The normal Kristy would have put the date night off until I found time to make a desert myself, but I stepped out of my box and bought it! And what do ya know, Adam loved it, we ate every bite, AND I did not have to spend all my time in the kitchen baking or cleaning up!
December 7th...
I invited my neighbors over to share company while we address our Christmas cards. I made a yummy breakfast and the mommies chatted and completed one of our many Christmas tasks.
The kids played, colored, and watched movies. As you can tell by these two smiles, everyone had fun!


  1. December is a very busy month & keeping track of each is a great idea, it goes by so fast. Grinch cookies who would have thought. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see everything on the 24th. HO HO HO! LaLa

  2. Looks like you've been having a blast. And love that you're starting them off which such great family traditions. They will treasure the memories and the journals when they grow up. AND of course I LOVE the Grinch night and the Polar Express Night!!!!! And I'm glad y'all had a date night in. Sometimes going out is more stressful, trying to find a sitter, trying to find the perfect outfit, fixing up....highly overrated. I think Russell and I are going to have a pajama date night, where we get to get in our jammies early and hang out.

  3. What a great first week of December! I love the Christmas card addressing party - I am going to have to do that! Makes a not fun activity so much more fun!

  4. I agree with everything Laura said. Those kids are adorable too!


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