Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Launch Pad & New Weekly Calendar

When we were building our house one of my biggest concerns was the lack of an entry way closet. My first thought was "Where will we put all our bags, coats, and stuff when we walk in?"... Adam's thought was..."We always came in from the garage anyway!" Hmmm... good point! That got me thinking about the details of the "Family Launch Pad" I found this Ballard Design look alike at Marshall's and the fantastically big basket with a chalk board label at target for our many shoes. (This also happens to be one of Adelyn's very favorite past times... putting on everyone's shoes) Everything else was pretty much from the old house.
Aside from making this area VERY functional, I wanted it to be easily switched out for the holidays, as the open floor plan of our house leaves little wall or decorating space.
The area was inspired by my "Family Rules" frame for the old house. HERE is the original post on that. I loved the colors and whimsy of it, so I just went with it!
I found the exact same frame at Wal-Mart ($10) and made a weekly dry erase calendar. Here is the much asked for link to the frame.
This is my original calendar, which I also loved, but the colors just did not work here. The funny thing about this simple calendar is how much we all use it.... Adam checks it out to see what we are up to while he is at work and talks to the kids about their day. The kids use it kind of like a countdown... especially now that Mike is going to school on Tuesday and Thursday... he can see when it is coming. And me- well, everyday I use it because sometimes my weeks blur together-lol.
The big middle frame is a work in progress... I covered the back in burlap and I am still not sure what it will be... maybe lots of things. I started with this quote I found in Pinterest. It looks a little bulletin board like, but it still kinda works.
Since taking these pictures I have already added hooks and a dinner bell (must post that because it is pretty cute). I still have the book shelf to fill and I would like to make a few whimsical pillows for the bench.
And in true Kristy fashion, I am already thinking about switching it our for FALL!! Yay!
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