Saturday, September 10, 2011

DIY Compost Bin

Our latest home project was a small compost bin... yes, we are already thinking about spring gardens! Just before we moved we planted out first herb, veggie, and flower garden. It made so sad to leave before we could even harvest one pepper, but trust me we are fully enjoying the day dreaming for our new one.
I have been pinning several fun backyard ideas and this little bin was the birth of a few of those pins. Check out all my "backyard" pins HERE. (warning: pinning can be as addicting as crack)
Everyone chipped in to help. The whole project coat about $50 and too less than three hours. The weather was so nice it even felt a little like spring!
Adelyn has become quiet the daddy's girl in the garage. She really loved being outside and helping.
I had to squeeze this picture in the post because it is my new favorite. At 22 months she is becoming more of a girl than our baby. (ps. I am trying to grow out her bangs-man, it is tough!)
Even I helped... here is the proof. Now, you can see I am not showered, no makeup, bed hair, and wearing Adam's tee-shirt, BUT instead of deleting this picture I chose to post it... lol! And here is our new compost bin!! It is 3 feet around, which seemed perfect when we were planning, but now we wish we would have made it 5 feet. We did three side chicken wire and one side is covered with wooded slats to make it prettier (if a compost bin can be pretty?) I have been doing my research about organic composting and with the expertise of my parents I think it will be a great success! Here is our first dump!! By Spring I bet we have the richest garden on the cul de sac!

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