Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What we are reading...

I have not posted our current reads in awhile and since I just got my new order from amazon, I thought it was about time... My friend Erin sent me a copy of Redeaming Love by Francine Rivers. I finished it last week and I really liked it. It has a christian theme and sure made me think about my own faith. Some would say it is a love story, but for me it was a story about God's grace and forgiveness... which form me, as many christians, struggle with when it comes to the big unjustices of the world.
Super thrilled with this book by Slater... ummm,I mean Mario Lopez. This book has great reviews and know I know why. In a nut shell it is a five week family meal plan to help you and the kids eat better and feel better. I bought it thinking I need some good recipes, but girls, this is chock full of GREAT ideas and information. I am sure I will have a few more posts on this one!
To go along with, Extra Lean Family, I bought PrayFit... It seems like every time I turn around someone is talking about this and since it combines one of my biggest battles (weight loss) with one of my biggest strengths (faith) I think it will be a hit. The website devoted to this program/ lifestyle is pretty great , too. Sometime this month the PrayFit Family book is coming out... adding that to my wish list!
And again, because every time I turn around friends are raving about the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins I am starting this one... have you read it?
Adam is reading... okay skimming this book my parents gave him. We are trying to get the back yard ready for gardening and entertaining this spring. I hope this inspires him!
Mike has been on a very silly kick these days... he will do anything for a laugh. He adores this book and thinks the poems are just as funny as the illustrations. Alan Katz has a few more books I will have to add to Mike's Christmas list!
Even though, he is on his 2nd week of school... he stills wants to read The Night Before Preschool every night. He can really relate to it and it makes him happy. I also bought the kindergarten version and the first grade versions for our cousins... who both liked them!
At 22 months Adelyn has decided that SHE will be doing all the reading in her room. If you try to read a book to her (even a brand new one) she quickly takes it from you and begins touching and "reading" the words. My favorite part about this is that even the bible becomes a "Peek-A-Boo" book... she says, "Where's Jesu-sh? Peek a boo!"... lol. These Peek-A-Boo books can make a reader our of any kid... we super love them!
Happy Reading!!

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  1. Since I love to read, I am so pleased to see you whole family loving books. LaLa


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