Friday, December 30, 2011

December Daily: Week 3

Sunday, December 18th: We headed to Santa's Ranch to check out all the lights and my camera died!
Monday, December 19th:
We made snowball cookies per daddy's request. It is a really fun cookie to make with kids... we had fun!
Addy was having a great time until we showed her all the sugar on her shoes... she immediately cried and quit making cookies.
She stuck to playing in the fake snow sensory tub I made for her... I found the coolest snow product at a craft show... if I was a good blogger I would have a link...hmmm?
Tuesday, December 20th:
This was a very big day for the Fey Kids. First, we met our long lost friend Emily and her new baby brother at the park... it had been well over a year since we had seen them, but they acted like they were old friends. Some of Emily's other friends met us there, too. The reunion!
Then we did a quick change and headed to daddy's work to have lunch with Santa! Mike was once again smitten and on cloud nine... Addy was more unsure, but a trooper none the less.
Adelyn has a thing about presents... she always wants to give them instead of receive them... nice, huh?
It took Santa several minutes and a long chat to convince Addy that the surprise was for her from him, not to him... same thing with Big Bird last week. I am thinking this phase will not last long!
What she did get very clearly, was the crafting table. Daddy was allowed not help and she made Mike's house after she made hers. What can I say? She is all mine!
Mike did not mind, as he was way too busy in what he might say was heaven on earth... a gingerbread man bounce house, full of 3 to 6 year old boys... wild, heaven!!
I had to include these photos because they are so cute.... hot chocolate in the Santa mugs!!
What is about Santa's face on a mug that makes everything taste better..... even cold, watery hot coco? Wednesday, December 21st:
The 2nd biggest day for the Fey Kids... they had been waiting and waiting to have breakfast with The Grinch!
Our cousin, Jolene came, too... she is also a big Grinch fan! Addy would only wave from a far and shout words at him... wonder if she had a gift for him, if she would have gotten any closer!
Have no fear, there were once again crafts, so she was happy as can be! Thursday, December 22nd:
Lazy, lazy day for the kids. We read books,watched movies, and played.
Awww, feeling that Christmas spirit while mama got some baking done!
All dressed and ready...
So here is my 'dirty' little secret... when I cook I tend to use every dish, every counter, and ingredient I have... yup, I am a messy cook and even a messier baker!!
And if it was in my pantry, it was dipped in chocolate and cover in sprinkles!
My mom calls these sugar plums and they were a big hit with the neighborhood kids!
Friday. December 23rd:
After a super fun neighborhood birthday party, my bff, Jennifer, came over with her daughter. Kaley Jo, and her mom, Nana Sue, to decorate cookies and exchange gifts!
So exciting!!
Addy had fun and was all business like here mama...
Kaley and Jen had fun, too....
Adelyn's cookie masterpieces...
And Mikey's masterpieces... wanna cookie with your sprinkles?
Saturday, December 24th... Christmas Eve!!
We headed to Austin to see my side of the family at McKinney Land...
Baby Reagan! She is sitting up and crawling now... she even gives high fives and waves! My sister had her in the most adorable Christmas outfit and almost as soon as it was on her, she had a blow out-ugh! I don't miss those days! Of course she looks adorable in anything!
Adelyn, was still a little confused on the present stuff, but enjoyed every second of her cousin time!
Reese got a Razor from Lala and Pops... if you happen to be out and about on the streets ofAustin watch out!
Mike has to be the most grateful kid ever... he was genuinely thrilled with every gift... especially this boat and shark set from Lala and Pops.
I had custom shirts made for my parents with all the grandkids names on them... gotta love etsy! My mom must have been very, very, very good this year because my sister got her a Rebel... her reaction was priceless! Me? I guess I was only very, very good, but there is always next year!!


  1. Wow, what a fun week! I can't get over the powdered sugar in the "snowball cookies" pic. It's no surprise Addy had some on her shoes!! What messy and delicious fun! It was sooo great to see you at the park - wouldn't it be fun to do it all the time!? Loved seeing your December week by week!

  2. We did have a good MeKinney land evening. Never post a pic of women crying, we look terrible. HAHA
    And you forgot you go your "Project Life" kit. Adam's face was precious when he open a Dora Explorer WII game from us.


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