Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

December 25th: Wow! Santa was extra sneaky this year. We have no clue how he managed to get all these presents... including what happens to be the largest Power Wheel Jeep on the market... under the tree without waking any of us up!
And how incredibly good did Santa hear my kids were this year? He must have called their grandparents!
Both kids camped out on out bedroom floor for the first time ever and surprisingly fell asleep right away. Rise and shine came at 5:58 am when a little voice said, "Mommy can I give you a kiss?" Which I am pretty sure was code for... "Can we wake up now?"
Their first reactions were caught on video and by the time my camera came out this was my first shot! All Addy wanted to do was sit in the jeep... even the pretty pink and purple motorcycle was not a temptation!
Mike, on the other hand was bouncing all over the place, bright eyed and bushy tailed... even a new toothbrush was fantastic in his eyes!
Both kids got a much needed, colorful umbrella, but as Addy pointed out there was no rain!
Mike tried out the motorcycle....
Addy quickly reported him back to the jeep!
Ahhh, coffee was ready and now we can open presents!
This would be his "Best Day Ever" grin!
Addy needs her morning milk and some form of shoes... like mommy needs her coffee and robe! Please notice the world's cutest slippers... these piggies = a new obsession for Addy!
Mike picked out a Baby Alive for his sister... he knows her well and was shockingly able to keep it a secret!
Daddy got Mike Military Hero set... another big hit! Mommy got daddy an ATV adventure and he got me beautiful pearl earrings!
Then we were out the door ready to cruise... still the motorcycle was sitting all alone!
I am not sure why, but I got not one picture of our breakfast with Lala and Pops. It was nice and looked very pretty on my Nana's china. We also had a family Nerf gun fight... pretty fun and watch A Christmas Story at least twice!
Then we headed to Grandma's house for dinner and more presents! The were pretty tired and watched The Grinch... again!
And this is what we do best... spend time with the people we love!
It sure was a very Merry Christmas... Thank you Jesus for allowing us to celebrate your birth with so much love and joy!


  1. Wowee! That motorcycle is adorable! I can't wait to see Miss Thang riding it! So glad you had a very Merry Christmas Fey family!!

    (*What was with the large drivable vehicles for your family this year? I saw some at Kelly's house too.)

  2. Yes I think your kids & our whole family had a wonderful Christmas. LaLa

  3. How did I miss this post?? So fun! Love all the looks of joy! And I think Addy is feeling the same way about her motorcycle as Sophia is her Princess Castle. Hope she's growing into it! Mikey was a good sport by riding it! Merry Christmas! Miss you!


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