Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Where is the world have we been!

Wow... I woke up and it was a week 'till Thanksgiving. Where have the weeks gone? We did all pass around a stomach bug and the weather has been incredible so we have been outside. Mike also started Soccer Tots on Tuesdays... he was slow to get going, but seems to enjoy it. I can't imagine just putting him on a team without taking this fun skill building class first. I need to get the video up here for his grandparents to see! We have also been playing a lot of Cootie. I tried Candy Land and was a big ole flop, but building bugs and rolling dice is a perfect game for us. Even Adelyn can play... well sort of.
I also found the first Wii game that has been age appropriate for a three year old. It was $20 and we had to get the $10 steering wheel to go with it, but boy have we all had fun with this. (you do not have to have the wheel but it makes it super easy for them to crash... I mean drive) The best part about this game is you do not run out of time or die... you just drive around and collect points. Plus, when the kids go to bed Adam and I race... I have not beat him yet! (hmmm... maybe less wine would help me on this one)
Our house still has not sold and we are feeling really bummed about the up coming holidays. I know, I know... Christmas is not about bricks and mortar or stocking and lights, but what a bummer not to get to decorate, have a cozy fire, and keep some of those little traditions we had in the house. So... we are trying to get ready to get out of the house at what ever cost and I have been spending lots of time on the Money Saving Mom blog. You should really check it out- she has amazing deals and very helpful tips.

And lastly we have been doing a little house hunting, neighborhood stalking, and driving around New Braunfels. This is where we hope to buy a house soon. It is such a fun little town.

I have a million craft ideas and scrapbooks pages to make. Lot's of new recipes to try and fun ideas to make with my kids... if only I had two more hours in my day! Adam is having a 'Cake Off' tomorrow so I am off to guide him in the making of the best ever apple cake! Here is that recipe from an older post.
PS. I am excited to say I am also down 30 pounds! Woo Hoo! and we accomplished our family photo shoot... can't wait to share those pics!

Let's go make something,


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