Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December GiveAway

Happy, Happy December! Where the heck did November go? Right to my scale it seems... I under estimated those evil carbs who call themselves Aunt Loretta's Cherry Pie and Nana's Stuffing! But, I am feeling festive and excited about Christmas even if I am not in my own house or have none of my pretty Christmas decorations... really, I am! Plus, I am making stuff... I made this frame for a friend (wink, wink) while I was visiting my mom and she liked so much I made her one, too. Pretty easy. I found my frame at Marshall's for $5, but my thrifty mama got hers for $2.50 at big lots... get you tell the difference?
The "Joy" was from Target for .99 cents, I had the paper, and the ribbon was from Garden Ridge- I love this ribbon. Lately, it seems like I have had several conversations with girlfriends who want to craft, but are low on time, money, and room ... Well, this is the craft for you.
But, it would be easier if I just gave you one, huh?
If you want this gold "We Believe" frame...
1. Be a follower and
2. Leave me a comment and your contact info.
I will pick a winner Monday night!

Let's go make something,


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