Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Simple Scrappy Valentine for My Honey...

My Valentine got coffee in bed... with a marshmallow heart topper. Man did my Valentine score this year. I made him a coupon book, well, coupon ring rather.
Oh, I came up with some good ones...
  • One Extra Hour of Sleep.

(This will be his first to use watch!)

  • Get Outta a Chore Free

(Please don't pick the kitty litter!)

  • STB aka. stop the bi***in'

(for the times when I just can't let it go.)

  • Mommy Cooks AND Cleans The Kitchen

(I do this a lot anyway, which maybe why he will cash the one above in)

  • 3 Free Hours in the Garage

(If it were for me it would say scrapbook room! PRICELESS!)

1 Kid Free Trip To the Bass Pro Shop

(again mine would be Hobby Lobby!)

  • Daddy's Choice

(I hope he picks something we both will enjoy- wink wink)

Let's not forget that this is one cheap and easy gift! Scrap paper, my tag punch, a binder ring, and pieces of ribbon!
I had to post his card... for those who know us... it really is perfect!
(Not that you ever read the blog!)

Let's go make something,


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