Monday, February 15, 2010

What a Sweet Valentine Day

What a wonderful fun filled Valentine Day the Fey's had... and mommy took lots of pictures for the Fey Family Fans (aka Lala and Aunt H.) Mommy's started at 5:00 when her newest Valentine woke up. It is rare she wakes up so early... was she just excited or cold or hungry or all of the above? The funny part was I was a bit grumpy until I set her in the swing and got this look... "Wait mom... let's cuddle!"
Sweet coffee starts the morning off right!
Mike took his Valentin Bag into wake up daddy.
As you can see the sunglasses, travel "coppee" cup, and Valentine I Spy book were much loved!
Daddy with his little Valentines.
Valentine Pancakes and apple bites! We tried making buckwheat pancakes to be healthier- no so good gals! What was I think... healthy pancakes? Yuck!
Mike still liked them.
Adelyn posed for some pictures. Man, she in one darling Valentine if I do say so! I just wanna blow this pic up into a poster or put it on a tee-shirt for myself because she makes me so happy! (Note: Mike would not pose)
So, I found this Thomas the Train helmet at goodwill for $3.50... Mike is once again obsessed... he wore everywhere. He calls it a motorcycle hat and he calls his bike a motorcycle... I don't think he is pretending it is a motorcycle- he really thinks the word bicycle and motorcycle can be interchanged- don't cha love that!
Riding his bike has been a bit of a challenge for Mike. Maybe we should have started with a trike... but he really has been working hard to peddle and steer at the same time. Adam helps by pulling a string tied to the handles.
He got really mad at me for interrupting his lesson. I kept saying "Look at mommy. Say cheese."
"No mama! No pictures. I don't want pictures!" So that was my last one.
But Addy wanted more pictures!
We all made pizza.
Even Adelyn watched.
Heart shaped pizza of course.
We decorated cookies for desert!
Yummy! Then is was the bedtime routine... bath, Thomas, books, and bed!


  1. AWWWW!!!!! As Tricia would say, does that cute little heart outfit come in my size? It looks so snuggly and comfy! Looks like y'all had a wonderful day. You ahev such cuties!!

  2. Ohhh,Adelyn is so precious & getting so big.She looks pretty in pink. Michael makes me smile & laugh. He looks like a little man in his robe,drinking coffee & reading. Thank you for for Fey family post, it makes me happy. Give my babies XOXOXO!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh- Adelyn is SOOOOOO precious in her Valentine get up!!! I had to take the laptop over to show Jay on that one! What a great Valentines you guys had! I also love the pic with your future heartbreaker and the flowers on the table! And boy did your valentine cookies turn out better than ours!!

  4. HA! Adam took they pic with the roses- it was impressive! and Mike just does the sprinkles- I do most of the icing- boys can be gross :) Your cooks were great! I need the giant heart. cutter

  5. Oh Kristy! What a sweet sweet pic of Adelyn! She is such a cutie! Your Mike is getting so big...I remember him as a baby! And hey--must be a "Mike" Mikey always tells me to stop taking pictures. Sweet Family!

  6. kristy, kristy, kristy..your blog and wonderful photos of your beautiful babies make my mornings shine.
    aunt h

  7. Oh my goodness your children are so precious! I can't get over how cute and big Adelyn is getting! It looks like such a fun filled (and heart filled) day!


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