Monday, March 23, 2015

YouTube LOVE

I really wanted to do a post on
my current VERY favorite YouTube channels.
However, I found it impossible to post
 a photo and link and
brief description for each channel.
Thus, the birth of yet another Pinterest Board!
So, pinned are my current go to girls for,,,
Mommy Motivation
Happily A Housewife
Kinder Crafty
Being a Mommy With Style
Organized Little Lady
Live Love Latte
My Great Challenged
Home Making
OCD Much?
How Jen Does It
Life Style
Mrs. Gold Girl
Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly
Jennifer Ross
If you have read my blog for awhile,
then you know I WAS a big blog reader...
then I got pregnant with #3 and
had severe morning sickness...
I could not read without getting very sick.
But I could watch!
As you can see,
even after Molly was born I had my hands full,
and watching these girls on YouTube allowed me to
not only stay motivated and multitask,
they helped me feel like I had friends over for a quick visit.
You know, friends you don't have to get dressed for,
friends you can fold laundry or scrub the sink while they talk,
friends who make you laugh and feel normal...
even when your entire "friendship" is not normal!
As a matter of fact,
I would like to start my own channel someday,
in hopes of being a "friend" to other mommies
who are in the same season of life I was in...
well, still in!
HERE is a link to all the girls I watch.
Who do you watch?

Let's go make something,


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