Friday, March 20, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Ok, I have to keep it real here...
First, let me blame sleep deprivation,
as Miss Molly has been under the weather
and teething like a maniac.
Thus, I totally thought St Patrick's Day
was Wednesday; not Tuesday!
Eeek, mommy fail!!
This is why you will not see us wearing much green.
 So once I realized my mistake,
 I got LUCKY
and pulled out a few fun activities!
 We played this silly game with chocolate coins.
I found these at my grocery store for $1.
The kids were busy up stairs and
I quickly hid them around the front room.
I called them down stairs and said,
"The Lucky Leprechaun was here!
He hid his gold and hoped you wouldn't find it!"
 They caught on quick and started hunting!
The next two rounds they were the Lucky Leprechaun!
As you can see by Adelyn's face,
she enjoyed trying to trick her big brother!
We do own many St. Patrick's Day books.
But we do like this one.
This Even Bunting is a classic.
While you are looking this one up,
check out all her books.
She is a very favorite of ours!

For lunch Adam made his delicious, fresh guacamole!
This stuff goes quick around here!
We also had pickles and green grapes
 with our turkey sandwiches,
 and I colored the kids water green.

 The big hit of the day was the
delivery of our new water slide!
It was cool and cloudy and
had absolutely nothing to do with the holiday,
but since it took up most of our afternoon
 I had to include it!

We ended our impromptu
St. Patty's Day celebration
with lime jell-o, whipped cream,
 and green sprinkles.
All in all,
sure I messed up and did not get to do
the craft I had planned and
we missed our fun class at the local book store,
BUT really?  My kids did not care!
We had a great day and nobody got pinched...
Well, not too hard anyway!
PS. Here is the pin of the craft
I wanted to do with all the kids!
CUTE, right?
(The watermark says, but the link would not work for me)

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