Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Etsy Shop Designs

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I have been having lots of fun
 with my Etsy shop lately.
Wanna see what I have been doing?
I really like it when customers
suggest color combos or
 request new design ideas.
Look at all these great colors my aprons come in now!
These also remain my biggest seller...
Adorable, Affordable, and Authentic!

 These tote bags are great for
 Mother's Day Out,
Sunday School,
Library Visits,
or Road Trips!
And if you are looking for
an end of the year teacher gift...
you found it!
This primary color combo is perfect
 for spring and summer!
It will also work for both girls and boys,
So BRO & SIS can match!

Ahhh, I am lovin' these colors right now!
And to top it all off my favorite design yet!
My Aunt and Uncle are big Texan fans
and there newest addition just happens
 to have the initials JJ!!
How cute is this?
You couldn't find this at Academy.
Now I will put my BOSSY PANTS on...
Come take a look at my store,
Favorite my shop,
and let me know your favorite design
by leaving me a comment!!

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