Thursday, March 12, 2015

Navy Master Bedroom

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 We recently got a little frisky risky in our master bedroom...
with our paint color of course.
 Now, although I have a good eye for pretty rooms,
I am no professional AND
we do not have the time or
funds to UN-DO any decorating whims!
This is where my love affair with Pinterest comes in!
Here are a few tips on how I use Pinterest
 for our home projects.
First, start a board... be specific.
By this I mean, do not start a "bedrooms" board
with pins for every one's bedrooms.
Instead, assign a board for each room.
2nd, be specific in what you pin.
Now I love sleigh or iron beds and
there are some beautiful shabby chic bedrooms
 that are lovely and catch my eye...
But I know we will not be getting a new bed and
the shabby chic room will not be the direction I go.
I can add these types of pins to a
 "pretty spaces" or "dream house" board.
If I fill up my board with ALL
the master bedrooms that catch my eye,
 I will never find direction and
will become way too overwhelmed!
Another tip, is to be specific on those specific pins.
Search those specific elements you have in your plan.
For us, we had a blank bay window.
I was not sure what I wanted as far as window treatments
 or even how to use this space.
So after searching "master bedroom bay window"...
 I saw a fantastic reading nook.
(we are waiting for a chair to finish this out)
And after a "window treatments for a bay window" search...
I realized that a curtain rod for bay windows
 exists and it is cheapest at Lowe's!
One thing I find that really, really helps me
use my boards to plan projects is to study my pins.
I sit back and stare at all my pins on the board.
What do they all have in common?
Aside from color, all the beds had lots of layers and textures,
a bold navy wall, and a classic feel.
At this point I made my wish list and
 started the hunt for bedding, curtains, paint, and accessories.
(I am still looking for a few more linen or burlap pillows)
My last tip, is trust your board.
When I brought home the paint samples
both my husband and my MIL had big doubts.
To be honest, pre-Pinterest I don't think I would have had the guts
 to paint anything this dark or take scissors to a curtain panel!
But that is what makes Pinterest so much fun,
all the creativity with none of the mistakes!
If you are picky about your pins,
then you will truly love your boards.
We are not completely finished with this room,
but now I am so inspired by the room
I don't even need my board to add the details in!
It is absolutely addicting to watching my boards come alive!
So tell me what board you have been pinning to?
Any big projects in your future?

Let's go make something,


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