Monday, March 30, 2015

Our Morning Routine

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I am starting my very first blog series.
I get asked quite often...
"How do you do it?"
(this makes me laugh because I don't!)
Or sometimes...
"What do you do all day?"
(Now this one I understand and often ask myself!)
So here we go....

Before I even start,
you MUST understand that this "routine"
is on an ideal day. 
This is what we strive for.
This is how I like it.
BUT... I live in a child centered home.
So trust me when I say,
nothing around here is perfect!
My day starts between 5 and 5:30 am.
I know, I know... it is sooo early!
But it is the only time I can get in any exercise!
If the baby slept well, then I 've slept well...
So I get up at 5 and do a 4 mile walk with Leslie Sansone.
If it was a rough night...
I sleep in to 5:30 and just walk two miles.

I reward myself with coffee and my bible time at 6:00.
Let me tell you, it really is my favorite part of the morning.
My favorite bible studies are from GoodMorningGirls.Com.
At 6:30 I bring my husband his coffee
 and wake him up.
I spared him from a picture for the blog,
as he is not much of a morning person!
We will chat, check the weather,
and maybe watch some news until around 6:45.

This is when I start my one load of laundry.
I finally figured out a system that works for me,
unfortunately is does include laundry
 every. single. day.

On this particular morning,
Molly added these to the basket of clothes...
she must really love me and knew I needed a laugh!

 Then it is time to make breakfast...
I have a go to menu to take
the thought right out of  it.
Muffin Monday
Taco Tuesday
Waffle Wednesday
 Piggy Thursday
(I wanted Thirsty Thursday, but my kids do not care for smoothies)
Favorite Friday
While the two big kids have breakfast,
I read out of our devotional book.

What I love about this book is that
there is not an order... you just go by date.
Each devotional stands alone, so if you miss a day,
it is not big deal.

They are also short and sweet.
Each day has a memory verse and a prayer.
My kids just love it!
So now it is about 7:30am.
Mike gets dressed for school and
if we have plans Addy will get dressed now too.
While they do I pack Mike's lunch.

As Daddy and Mike head off to school and work,
I will switch the laundry into the dryer.

Around 7:50 I am making my bed.
I make my bed every day...
it is my thing!
Some girls have a shiny sink or vacuum to get going...
but for me it is making my bed!

Around 8am Miss Molly Ann wakes up.
and she has her breakfast while I clean up the kitchen.
I do not run my dish washer at night like most girls.
I clean the kitchen and load the dishes after dinner,
but I run it after breakfast.
This way the kids get to unload it for me
 as their after school chore.
Smart, huh?

If the girls and I have plans...
currently dance, art, or bible study
we get ALL dressed around 8:30.

If we do not have morning plans then the girls will watch
a show or two and cuddle on the couch.

Molly finds Dora's friend, Boots wildly funny!

and I will go over my plan for the day
with another cup of coffee!
So by 9:00am we are either
 headed out the door or I start a few chores.
I start with a quick tidy of the bathroom and
 fold that one load of laundry!
I make myself fold and put away those clothes. 
Molly usually starts "un-choring"
I made that word up,
but if you have ever had a toddler
you know exactly what that means.
Do you have a morning routine?
Is it a general plan or pretty specific?

Let's go make something,


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