Thursday, February 5, 2015

Super Easy Meal Planning

I just love it when a system falls into place...
especially after years of trial and error.
Such has been the case with my meal planning!
Before, you take a look...
you should know that we eat almost
7 meals a week here at home.
We also refrain (as much as possible) from processed dinners.
I always have a frozen pizza in my freezer,
but mostly we cook... well, I cook... they eat!
This can be overwhelming for some,
but with meal planning of any kind...
I promise you can do it!
It will not only save you money and calories,
but there is nothing more valuable than time spent
 as a family at the dinner table!

For years I used the 30 Meals method...
Here is a link to that post.
Currently I have taken that a step further and
it has made my life so much easier.

I have a binder that holds everything!
I use it to plan weekly and it goes for 4 weeks.
Then after four weeks, we just repeat it.
With this system, you can easily plan and
 shop for two weeks at a time.
(I prefer it two weeks at a time, but right now we shop weekly)

In each section for the weekly meal plans,
 I have typed up the plan and a master grocery list.
Also, in plastic sleeves are the recipes
 I need for those dinners...
nothing extra!
Even if I do not need the recipe,
I still have them here for my husband or
 anyone who might be helping us out.
Like when I had my babies or my gall bladder surgery.

This is a master list of everything I need for the dinners,
divided up by the sections of my local grocery store.
I keep several copies in the plastic sleeve,
so I do not have to print them each time.
To this list, I just add all the other stuff we need.
I also, cross off anything we already have.
I usually keep the list for the next week on the fridge or
 in my planner for the following week.
This way anyone can add to the list.
I will also, cross of an entire meal if I need to.
This happens when either we make dinner plans
 or have left overs to eat.

 I also have a section for my sides.
It helps to limit the number of recipes in this section
and to switch it out seasonally.
I do have lots of recipes in
another binder and on Pinterest, but
it helps simplify the system to
only store the specific recipes in the meal planning binder.
The next section for my lunches (salads and stuff)
snacks and sweets...
Here I keep our favorite deserts and such.
Again, I only keep our current favorites or
the seasonal treats we want to make.
In the back I do have a few "other" recipes.
Ones that we might use as a substitute...
right now I have a chili and a soup recipe back there.
These we can trade out with our grilling recipes,
in case it rains or if we are sick and are craving soup!
I have many favorite recipes here on my blog
and I have a "Tried and True" recipe board on Pinterest.
You should really check it out,
these are the yummy, family friendly,
and affordable meals
we use most often!
So what do you think?
Do you meal plan?
I would love to see your favorite meal Pinterest board...
Please share your link in the comments!
I am parting right here this week!


  1. Wow! I am so disorganised when it comes to meals. Used to do meal planning and weekly shopping, but as the kids have got older and I am now working more it has gone out the window. More and more we have everybody coming home at different hours of the evening and dinner needs to be something that each person can grab and heat as they arrive. I'm still trying to get my head around it but have resolved this year to try and deal with it before it gets worse :-)

    1. Oh, I understand that!! It is funny how we have to changed so much with every season of life!


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