Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5 Life Hacks for Sick Kids

This month we experienced our first family strep epidemic!
Yup, three cases of strep and one virus...
plus mommy had a sinus infection!

Whew, aside from the shocking co-pays
and the fact that our local urgent care
no longer takes our insurance,
I learned a few other things...
helpful things!

 Tip #1: Write it down and post it!

Three kids, at three different weights,
 means three different doses.
Let me add, that our antibiotics were all the same,
 but Mike had a few extra meds,
Molly was teething and needed Tylenol and Motrin,
plus we did have to use Benadryl...
Yes, that is lots of meds being passed out.
To keep us straight, I made this chart
(10 days) and posted it on the kitchen cabinets.
This way no matter who gave out the meds,
we never skipped or doubled up on them!

 Tip #2: Out of site; Out of Mind.

and by this I mean "out of your mind" or "loose your mind".
My second tip is to move all meds and
sicky stuff to a central location.
Nothing is worse than scrabbling around looking for Vicks
or cough drops in the middle of the night...
or after two days of dealing with sickness.
it also helps when your "co-nurse"
needs to find stuff.
***All meds are out of reach of small children***
but no one needs to go digging through cabinets
or running to other rooms in search of
 a medicine dropper, thermometer, or tissues!

 Tip #3:  Boogie Wipes

Maybe you have seen these
or maybe you have bought the name brand...
my 3rd tip is yes, get them, but go generic!
These wipes have saline in them
and they do not irritate the skin.
We went through a ton and I was thrilled
to find the generic brand at WalMart.
Plus they smell good.
I did find a pocket sized bag at The Dollar Tree!!
Cheap and handy.

Tip #4:  "Magic" Tea

Oh my!!  Have you tried this?
This throat coat tea is amazing,
because it works!!
It does have a bit of licorice taste,
but it is nothing a bit of honey or
sugar can't cover up for the kiddos.
I can't wait to put a box of this in
my next care package to a sick a friend.


Tip #5: Best Invention EVER!

I bought this a while ago at a locally owned pharmacy,
but just now got to really put it to use.
It is called the NoseFrida...
aka The Snot Sucker.
Hands down it is the best money we have spent in a long time!
Now, I will admit, the first use can be a little intimating,
but I assure you there is no way you will taste any boogies!
And it is SO easy to clean!
Here is the link to it on amazon.
These are my new standard Baby Shower Gift.

So those are the tips that got me through our first ever
sickness with all three kids!
Aside from some cabin fever,
we are all feeling better and ready for Spring!!
PLEASE, share your sickness hacks with me!
What works in your house?
What products do you swear by?

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  1. Love them, Kristy! I bought the NoseFrida years ago and didn't feel like it was that great and put it away. Fast forward to this last week and teeny tiny Eliza with a congested head. I considered pulling it back out and then another friend posted how amazing it was on FB - I took it as a sign. But, it still doesn't compare to my bulb syringe from the hospital. What am I missing??! Glad y'all are better!


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