Thursday, February 19, 2015

What We're Reading



We Love to read around here!!
One of my favorite sites is GoodReads,
I really like seeing what my friends are reading
and of course when I find a great book,
 I can't help but tell you about it!
So here are a few of my recent favorite books...
If you have every been worried about your children,
then you need to read this one!!
My "Reading Divas" have introduced me to a new author...
She writes page turners for sure!
I really like how she runs a Christian thread through all her books.
Her characters are strong and deep,
and she will bring then to their knees,
only to show you that they can rise up and conquer anything!
 What has the husband been reading...
He is back into the consistently good, James Patterson!
His books are addicting...
 My son Mike is in the 2nd grade and
 is really starting to have strong preferences
 in his story selections...
This series is really cute and keeps
even the most ADD reader engaged!
Adelyn is 5 and will start Kindergarten next fall...
I got a great deal on this subscription from Zulily awhile back.
It is not cheap, if you pay full price.
BUT, she LOVES it and reads it from
 cover to cover,
over and over...
until the new one comes!
 Miss Molly is 15 months
and is the first one to grab a book every night!
This big board book series is her favorite right now!
It has photos of "real" things.
She likes to point to a picture
and hear you read the word.
She already has a pretty extensive vocabulary for her age
and I think these books have encouraged that!
These would be very nice gifts...
and are very affordable!
What are you reading?
We wanna know!

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