Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Pumpkin Farm

We made our annual trip out to Devine Acers Farm...
We all absolutely love this place and make a day out of it every year.
This is my very favorite picture of the whole trip...
my whole world in one picture!
At almost three, Adelyn was the perfect age to enjoy every part of the farm
AND hang all day this year!  She just loved these "baby punkins"

 Right away we painted our pumpkins...
this way they are perfectly dry for the ride home!
 Adelyn spent almost 45 minutes just painting her pumpkin...
Mike knocked his out in about 10 minutes!
 While little sister was painting, Mike mined for gold.
They have little rock bags with gems you can mine for... pretty fun!
 The he beat Daddy, at the water pump duck races.
 I have to say the bulk of our time was spent in the hay maze!
 I'm not sure who had more fun, those two chasing, jumping, and laughing,
or Adam and I watching them chase, jump, and laugh! 
Talk about JOY!
 As always, the petting zoo was also a hit.
Mike was such a natural this year at letting the goats eat from his hands.
 I wish you could hear how sweet and loving
 Addy talked to the "babies."
I won't be surprised if a goat ends up on her birthday list!
 They also have a fishing pond, bike track, barrel train, hey ride, horse shoes and washers, marshmallow roasting, live music, sack races, other mazes, and lots of games to play.
I tell ya, this place is so much fun.
The play scape and giant sand pit is one of Mike's favorite parts!
 My favorite part is the fall pictures,,,

 Hard to believe my babies, just aren't babies anymore!
I am so blessed to have fun filled days like this one
 and try to cherish every little tradition I can...
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  1. What a fun place! It looks like there is something for everyone to enjoy. And great pics! Love the one of Addy anxiously waiting to paint that pumpkin. What a little artist! Beautiful family!

  2. That is QUITE a place!! I like that farm's tag line. Looks like you did have fun, so way to go! I still can't get over how grown up your babies are looking!

  3. Hopefully next year we can plan better & go with you! Love all of your pictures of my grands!


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