Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blogs I love

Two of my friends have started blogs!!
You really should check them out!
DashaLilly is written by the witty, smart, and very real mama, Monique!
If you're looking for a bloggy read that will
make you laugh, help embrace your un-normalness,
and teach you find joy in the small things... this blog is for you.
From organizing your home life, great pinterest spins,
bereavement support, and great mommy randomness...
she really covers it all!

 My crafty friend Sarah is now writing Sew Scrappy Day! 
This girl is a crafting machine! 
She scraps, she sews, she decorates, and she inspires.
I like call her a Cricut expert...
you should see the things she can do with little machine.

These two blogs are new to the bloggy world, but new to me...
Go on and follow them,
you can thank me later!

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