Thursday, October 11, 2012

Play Ball!

This sports season Mike wanted to try baseball and sit out a season of soccer.
Since I hear Spring Ball around here is pretty serious stuff,
but Fall Ball is more relaxed and not to mention much cheaper...
we were ok with this.
 He is always very excited to "take the field"
and by "take the field" I mean "chase his teammates" onto the field.
 I know this may make me sound like a "bad mom"
 but I am very surprised at  how "well he does!"
And by "how well he does" I mean
 he has not been hit in face, cried, or sat down on the field!
 He has a really "good arm"
and that's exactly what I mean.
 and his swing is coming along!
 If you know my Mike in real life, you know he is really laid back,
 always ready for fun and jokes, and loves life to the absolute fullest...
 but has no concept of hurry, fast, speed, or hustle.
 As a matter of fact, you would think asking him to run the bases
was like asking me to run a 5k... lol
My favorite part, is when he waves and blows kisses
 as he "rounds third"...
and by "rounds third" I mean strolls past third!
 By the end of the "game"...
 and by "game" I mean three innings...
he is hot, tired, hungry, and ready to watch a movie!
 I am pretty sure he is "a natural" ... and by "natural" I mean
naturally adorable and a blast to watch!


  1. LOL - cute post! Go on, Mike! What's everybody rushing around for anyway?!

  2. What a fun post! I giggled looking at the pictures and reading your descriptions. Go, Mikey!

  3. What a great post!!!! I smiled & laughed all the way thru it. Thank you for letting him try so many things!!!! Hope to see a game on the 27th. Maybe him & Addy could start racing each other, so you can tell him that is how you are to run the bases. XOXO

  4. I natural...naturally adorable. :) Great pics and post!


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