Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Light Catchers

Addy and I hosted a fun fall play date last week.
We invited all our besties over for some
playtime, snacks, and this super fun craft!

 This Light Catcher craft is perfect for all ages and
can be used for just about any holiday or theme!
 To make these easy light catchers...
you need tissue paper cut into small squares,
clear contact paper, a sharpie, and scissors!
 First, trace a shape onto the non-paper side of the contact paper.
Peel the paper off and let the kiddos stick on the paper...
don't worry about going outside of the lines on this one!
Next, sandwich the tissue paper with another sheet of contact paper.
Lastly, cut around the shape and hang it up in a window!
Addy and I are already planning on some Christmas ones!


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