Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pinterest in the Kitchen

I have been really bored with my usual meals in the kitchen,
so last week I tried not one, but two recipes from my pinterest boards.
I chose these because they were the kind of recipes you could
throw together and head to t-ball or outside to play or
even help with homework while they cook...
I need more of these "easy" recipes now that Mike is in school.
First up was...
This is my photo... it was easy and beautiful.
Adam loved it and has since requested it...
I think the Swiss cheese is maybe not my favorite
 and the kids were not impressed.
Next time, I think I will split the casserole...
one side as it calls for and the other...
 with cheddar and maybe add in broccoli.
Next up was this crock pot recipe that was all over the broads
 for a month and looked yummy...

This is Joey's picture as mine looks horrible and tasted the same.
I have been married for almost eight years and
this was only the 2nd meal deemed "uneatable" by my husband
 and the first ever by my son.
I don't think we will try this again...
it was way too mushy...
Darn... back to the boards for more ideas!
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  1. YUMMY!!!! I just posted a couple of Pinterest recipes myself!!!

  2. Oooooh, bummer! Glad at least one went well!


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