Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ready for Fall

As soon as the kids go back to school and
The Cowboys have their first kick off...
The Fey's get fall fever! 
Never mind we are still in shorts, swimming at the pool,
and slapping on the sunscreen.
 I almost always start the sea off with making the house smell like fall..
that means yummy switching my Scentsy scents,
buying fall candles, and yummy room spray...
but this year I found something VERY exciting....
 Pumpkin Bubble Bath!
and even better this big ole bottle was just $3.99 at Ross!
Since I take a bath every night, you have no idea how happy this find made me.
 We are pulling out all the fall decor... slowly!
One of my favorites is my door hanging...
Remember I made it from a grocery sack!!
You can see more of it HERE!
 We are also making plans for all of our favorite fall recipes.
On the top of the list are these heavenly Whoopie Pies.
Gone on and look HERE for the recipe... you won't regret it!
But mostly I am up to my neck making these darling Trick or Treat bags.
I had lots of requests to add names to the original designs...
and I completely underestimated the extra time that would take. 
 But they are just so cute!!
You can order them in my shop, but hurry
as I am running out of time and will have to stop taking orders soon!


  1. Yes, fall is in the air! Thank God for cooler weather! I still want one of the pumpkins for the front door.

  2. The Kaminski's are the same way. Once Labor Day hits, it's all Fall! Love it!


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