Monday, September 17, 2012

Lil' Puddle Jumpers

Yestewrday, we were blessed with a long day of perfect rain! 
There was no thunder, lightening, or wind...
just hours of cool, steady rain.
 The kids had a blast playing in it.
And we had a blast sitting on the back porch watching them.
 I took lots of great pictures and thought of my mom..
So this post is kinda for her...
 Lala would have laughed and laughed...
 and maybe even played herself!
 I sure wish my parents lived closer,
 but I bet she will make a wonderful scrapbook page
 with all the photos I took!
 I just adore the way my kids looked all wet and tuckered out..
 ok, maybe not everyone was tuckered out...
 But, I did get in a nice nap
 on the couch watching the Cowboy game!
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  1. what great fun & pictures! I laughed looking at them & yes I would have been playing in the rain. XOXO

  2. Great pics of some seriously cute kiddos! Love rainy days!

  3. What FUN memories for your kids! Everyone should play in the rain.

  4. The trampoline in the rain is so cute!

    xo Rach


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