Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School... Let's Go

We are just one week away for the first day of school.
My baby will be headed to kindergarten and girls, I am not dealing well!!
I am prepared in the real world, but not in the spiritual-lol.
A big hit around here is our count down...
Not only is it cute and practical,
but it has been a great for Mikey to practice
 reading and writing his numbers!
  It has also built up some fun anticipation!
 Here is his new pencil box...
 I learned from my teaching days that
 labels, stickers,and even sharpie will come off...
so I made sure to add a few coats of diamond glaze to this name!
Speaking of his pencil box...
we have been working really hard on not melting down
 when something is really hard!
But when I am not with him I am hoping this
little note taped on the inside of his box will help!

Another thing I have been working on is our morning routine...
this has worked very well in the past.
I put complete outfits in this closet rack.
Tops, bottoms, undies, shoes, and socks!
I do not care what day of the week he wears what,
 so he does get some choices...
it is more about the...
"mom, I can't find my..."

hope it works better than this system has all summer!
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