Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School... Let's Go

We are just one week away for the first day of school.
My baby will be headed to kindergarten and girls, I am not dealing well!!
I am prepared in the real world, but not in the spiritual-lol.
A big hit around here is our count down...
Not only is it cute and practical,
but it has been a great for Mikey to practice
 reading and writing his numbers!
  It has also built up some fun anticipation!
 Here is his new pencil box...
 I learned from my teaching days that
 labels, stickers,and even sharpie will come off...
so I made sure to add a few coats of diamond glaze to this name!
Speaking of his pencil box...
we have been working really hard on not melting down
 when something is really hard!
But when I am not with him I am hoping this
little note taped on the inside of his box will help!

Another thing I have been working on is our morning routine...
this has worked very well in the past.
I put complete outfits in this closet rack.
Tops, bottoms, undies, shoes, and socks!
I do not care what day of the week he wears what,
 so he does get some choices...
it is more about the...
"mom, I can't find my..."

hope it works better than this system has all summer!
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  1. Ah! I love that idea with the outfits. I am working on teaching addie how to dress herself...though we are going sans pants most of the time right now due to potty training.

  2. EEK!! Looks like you are all "ready" though! I can't believe how many pairs of shoes your little hard worker has!

  3. Oh, Kristy Fey...I feel your anxiety, and I still have a year! I like the ideas you've posted. The clothing organizer is wonderful, and I like the encouragement in the pencil box. Well done! Now, line up the bottles of wine...

  4. Love the clothing organizer! Can't believe Mikey is old enough for school. Yikes!


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