Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Love Spring!!

My kids are ready for summer!
I caught them trying to "SWIM".
They settled for some water play...

And a pic-nic!
Amazing how happy a blanket, some clothes pins,
 and few plastic chairs made them!

And then they did a little kite flying!

We had three families all flying kites!

Adam and Mike had some kite troubles.
Mike's Buzz kite from last year is MIA,
so he was stuck with a sorta broken kite...

It was a little sad, but
mama got him a cool pirate one for next time!

Happy, happy spring!
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  1. Poor Mikey! Looks like fun times though!

  2. Looks like you are enjoying some beautiful weather and family time! Perfect!

  3. Fun stuff. Poor Michael. Brings back memories when you were little. You moved into a great neighborhood. Happy spring right back at you & yours. LaLa


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