Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scrappy Hooded Towels

Woo... we have eight spring birthday parties to celebrate!
That's a lot of parting and a lot of gift buying!
I knew I wanted to go handmade,
(Lord knows none of these kiddos need more plastic crap!lol)
so I started making all our birthday friends
these cute hooded towels.
 They turned out so cute I am adding them to my shop!
 These are the colors so far...
 Mike gets a chocolate brown one
 and is all ready to swim now!
I am thinking we may need some for their bathroom.
The would look so cute on hooks, as part of the decor!
 I am making Adelyn a purple one,
but needed her to model the pink one for photos...
She loved it!  She even cried when I took it away!
Hmmm, just like a super model, eh?

 These towels are nice and big...
we will use them for summers to come!
 Here is the blue one.... pretty cute, huh?
Won't be nice with my scrappy bags!!
 I really, really like the grey one...
I used grey and red fabric for the name!

So I am sellng them in my shop HERE
for just $20... so come take a look!
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  1. I love these! I'm buying one for Sophia for sure!!! I love the colors!

  2. They turned out soooo cute. It sure is a good price for a homemade, hooded towel. Just love your models. LaLa


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