Friday, March 16, 2012

Real Life Pinteresting

I have been on a new recipe kick...
So, I brought a few of my "yummy things to make" pins come to life...
and boy, am I happy I did.

Check out the recipe from Once Upon a Chef
 Avocado & Lime-Cilantro Vinaigrette

First up was this salad/ relish pin.
The above picture is "THE PIN" and the pic below is mine-lol.
Thank goodness ya don't eat the pictures!

Oh, I added the avacado as I ate it, so they would be fresh!
I super love black beans and trust me it tastes as refreshing as it looks.
Perfect for low card lunches or snacks!

Then I made something naughty...

from A Southern Grace

Before you look... let me warn you...
First, you just might have all four ingredients in your kitchen right now.
2nd, they take no time to make.
and my last warning... you will not be able to stop eating these!
Why? Because they are both salty and sweet... thus the cycle never stops!

Okay, you've been warned... proceed...

   Above is "THE PIN"
Below is my picture...
I added nuts to half and I am now seeing my layers were wrong...
But, damn they were good!

So good in
fact I made two batches in one week!!

While I am at it here are two more Pioneer Women Recipes we have made...
I am pretty sure that brings me to about a dozen of her recipes and EVERY one is a keeper.
Especially this olive loaf... and I don't even like olives!!

Don't worry, you do have to endure any more of my food photos!
It barley made it to the oven with out being eaten,
much less sat around waiting for me to find the camera!
This is great for entertaining!!

We followed up the bread with her shrimp pasta.
Mmmmm... it was so good!
I could not find you a photo or the recipe on her blog,
(it is not the foil one)
but I can highly recommend her first cookbook....
because that is where it is.
I has no intentions of buying her book because her blog is so great,
but then I borrowed it from a neighbor and Adam really liked it.
So we bought it and will be getting her new one, too!!

Okay.  So there you go.  Bet your hungry!
Hope you are inspired to try a new recipe!

Let's go make something,


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