Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dec. 1st... Let the Advent Begin

Is is just me or did December first get here way too fast? I have been down and out with a back ache and pinched nerve, so I had to scramble get out advent calendars going. Yup, that says calenderS... If you remember my post HERE it was been a long time coming picking a family advent... hmm, never could pick just one so we are doing 3! This one is my favorite. I made it from a Making Memories Kit HERE and inside I have tags with different holiday activities for us to do.
Aww... Dec. 1st was "Christmas Pjs". I grew up getting the on Christmas Eve and did that for the past few years until it hit me- duh... that gives only one day to wear them! So why not get a whole 25 days to wear them!! Well, I don't do laundry everyday (I need too, but don't)... but still more fun to have them for the whole month, right?
I am still struggling to find where all our decorations and stuff will go in this house, but since I was running late I just put it on the pantry door. High enough so Addy cant snatch it!
This picture doesn't do it justice, but it is such a cute calendar and the pockets are wider than a plain old library pocket, so you could fit candy and other things inside. I am sticking to the activities. For me this was an original idea I found several years back at one of my all time favorite blogs, Ser.en.dip.i.ty. She does a red envelope calendar and has a great list of ideas.
A new one for us this year is a book advent... yup, spoke right to my old literacy coaching heart! I wrapped up 25 Christmas books and every night we will open on and read it before bed. Because I has so many books from my teaching days and have a slight obsession with children's books I had plenty! I wish you could have seen my husbands face when he first saw this ready to go-lol. He thought I bought 25 new books! And you don't do that either... start by counting what you have... add movies, coloring books, scrapbooks, cds, and even some printable or mommy made books. It is all about the memory and quality time! If you only have 10 this year, start ten days out!
The last one we are doing is the old fashioned German chocolate advent calendars... in a pinch I bought these at Target. Now, last year Mikey ate all his candy when I was not looking- so this year I got smart and I am keeping the up on a shelf... on display for all to see, but not touch!!
I would like to add one for Adam and I... either a mini date one or one with all of our childhood Christmas photos!
If you are bored and want time to get sucked away right in front of you, check out all the great advents on Pinterest... really fun stuff!


  1. I collect advent calendars and I have one with mirrored doors (fragile) that last year I made into one for me and Paul. We split the month, with one taking odd days and the other even, and we put in little notes, IOUs, etc. inside. It was great and perfect for the season. Love all of the Christmas traditions and I feel the same about pjs.

  2. great idea with the PJ's...duh why didn't I think of that. Love all you advent ideas. My fav is the books. XOXO LaLa

  3. Love it all! Especially the book advent! Well, and definitely the chocolate one too! I just love the Making Memories advent and I'm so glad you shared it with me last year so I can actually use it this year. LOL!


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