Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advent Delimas...

There are so many wonderful and fun advent calendars out there this year, I just can't decide on one that will be perfect for my family. At first I was really committed to the Red Envelope idea from Serendipity. I even made my list of activities and envelopes from red felt. Then I found this on Stacy Julian's site... and loved it, too! On the back of these card stock numbers is a library pocket to put your activities.
So after talking to my sister about the advent calendars we had growing up (the cardboard ones with chocolate behind the doors) I reconsidered using all 'activities' and thought maybe something with both things to do and little treats... Like this one by the queen, Martha Stewart.
And here is the one from her show that I really like, but is it too big?...
Maybe this one from Split Coast Stampers or the muffin tin calendars that are on every blog this year...
So here we are one week into December and I am still thinking... Good thing Mike has one more year before the whole count down 'till Christmas concept can really be understood. Right? What do you use? Help!


  1. I like the red envelopes!! Just do it.

  2. Super cute ideas. It is hard to choose just one. I agree with Allison, use all of them. We use a Grinch tree and hang an ornament on it everyday until Christmas.

  3. There are so many ideas...I don't know which would be best! They are all so cute! We have multiple advent calendars and only one will hold something (but something little so we put a hershey kiss in it). I loved the activity ideas and we have an elf who comes and brings a treat or tiny present, so I decorated one of the cardboard houses that are at hobby lobby and the elf brings the treat/item and an activity card and leaves it in the house after everyone is sleeping every night. This year I couldn't find the house so the elf just leaves it on the couch :) That was the longest answer in the world but that's what we do!

  4. Your Elf idea is so cute, Laura! I am keeping track of all your activities to use next year. When will your house be ready? I am glad you are still keeping the tradition even with the big transition!


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