Friday, December 4, 2009

Winner Winner! and gift idea!

And the winner of a monogrammed pendant is... Debbie. She was lucky number one and that was the number pulled for the hat (or pile). Check your email Debbie! Here are a few more of the pendants I made. I bought this kit from the scrapbook show from the 'Craft Fantastic' booth. She had set up a make and take and I was so happy with my necklace because it was easy and adorable. Plus her kits were so affordable... everything you need for 20 pendants for just $29.95! That is $1.50 a necklace! Check out her site...
The mommy in me made these... one says "Family" and then the vintage nest... but my favorite is the vintage red headed boy running. You can't see it but. I added the would "have Fun", because my little red headed boy always reminds me to have fun! These would be great Christmas gifts for you girlfriends, co-workers, and teachers... And as Adelyn's shirt says...
Good Things Come In Small Packages!


  1. I'm thrilled to have won your pendant! Thanks so much!!


  2. BTW, Kristy...I got your email and have responded already. Hope you got mine.


  3. Maybe you could do a tutorial on this. They look like they'd make great Christmas presents!


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