Monday, November 7, 2011

Holiday Bows

Last week I set out to fill my Etsy shop with some festive Christmas Bows! I am still working a few fun things to add to the shop, but my bags seem to be the best sellers... which by the way would make a great Christmas gift!! Here is my stash of bows... if you see one in the pile you like send message me through Etsy and I can set you up!
My favorite or these red fabric flowers... darling! They look super cute in Addy's hair or my own. I have also been wearing them on my hat... hmm, I should get a pic of that! Here is one of the bows on a little hat. They also look really cute on a headband! These tulle pom poms are Adelyn's favorite!
I made a few stacker bows, too! You can either wear them separate or clip them together for an adorable boutique look!
Adelyn has a bow like this style that I just love on her... it broke (sigh!) But I was able to take it apart and figure out how to make them myself! I love this loopy look! Please head to NEXT TO HEAVEN: THE SHOP and check out my cute Christmas bows. I will do free shipping to all blog followers- just message me before you order and tell me you are a follower!!

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