Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

What a fun filled Halloween weekend we had... After our trip to the pumpkin patch we had a pumpkin carving block party.
It was lots of fun. We are thrilled to have such fun neighbors!
Everyone brought a dish and Adam grilled everyone hot dogs. These are marshmallow and blueberry eyeballs-lol.
Even the delicious 7 layer dip was dressed up!
On Monday afternoon we headed out the door to downtown New Braunfels. All of the local shops where handing out candy and treats! Mike was so excited he could hardly contain himself. He was the big bad wolf... more like the cutest little wolf if you ask me!
He really wanted Addy to be a little pig, but that did not seem fair... So she went as Little Red Ridinghood. Poor thing really had no clue what was going on, but thankfully the shoes made her very happy so she went along with it!
This picture is her seeing the first adult in a costume. Then he gave her candy, which she quickly ate. She pretty much kept eating piece for piece on our stroll down town. By the end of the night we are betting she ate her weight in candy!
There were lots of dogs dress up, which the kids loved. This dog even had is own float!
The most exciting thing that happened was meeting this guy... I wish I could have gotten a pic of Mike's face when he saw, he was not the only big bad wolf! Mike would only get close enough to give him a high five-lol.
By the time we got home and ate a fast dinner the door bell was ringing and the kids were chomping at the bit to head out. Guess gone are the 'wait till dark days'-eh? This by the way was pretty much the best shot of the two of the two of them.
I thought making them sit would help me get a good shot, but the just wanted to watch the street and all the costumes. I was so happy with how they looked together. I wonder how many years I can coordinate their costumes before it is too cheesy?
After about five houses, Adelyn starting getting the hang of it. She would say "Trick or treat please!" followed by "Thank you, bye!" and a few times would ask "Which way do I go now?" to the neighbors. Needless to say she raked in the candy for being so cute!
Here is Mike with his Bff... our neighbor Gracie who was a Southern Bell.
and her is the whole gang... how flippin' cute are they? I wish you could feel their energy and excitement- it was so much fun!
I can't forget my Bff... baby Kade!
So our little neighborhood has 62 lots and most are full, but we had pretty low expectations since it is such a new neighborhood, but boy were we surprise.
House after house, neighbor after neighbor... Mockingbird Heights was the happening place to be! and hardly no junky candy either-lol!
At this point Mike's candy bag was dragging the ground. When we dumped it all out, he declared "this is the best Halloween ever!"
Adelyn was tired and I am pretty sure her tummy hurt,
but she was still eating!
I am pretty sure next year she will be willing to wear anything I throw at her! HAPPY HALLOWEEN FRIENDS!


  1. Yay for so many fun new friends and activities in your new neighborhood and town!! The kids looked GREAT!!!

  2. I wanna move to your neighborhood!!! Looks like so much fun and a great community! And the kiddos are such cuties! Good job on Addy's costume! As far as cheesiness goes, I say as long as they are willing participants, keep up the good work.

  3. The Halloween of 2011 proved successful for the Feys! Your neighborhood sounds like SO much fun!!! And I do not believe the Fey kids could have looked any cuter...dang, they are darling!

  4. Love it all! So glad you moved to such a great neighborhood. Those grands were too cute. Of course I wish I would have been there. LaLa


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