Monday, October 31, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

The Fey Family finally made it to the pumpkin patch. Seems like something detained us every weekend, but as it turned out we were in for some fantastic fall weather!My main goal was to get some good photos. I set the timer and got this one! It was even better than the sweet lady's who took one for us. Mike was silly, but very cooperative... unlike his sister...
So here are the best Addy pictures out of almost twenty! She was just too excited or stubborn to stop and pose for me! So I gave up and we went to paint our pumpkins which she was more than willing to do! She would have stayed here all day!
Mike enjoyed it, too.
We take our creativity pretty serious around her-lol!
I know the word 'masterpiece' is popping into your head right now-huh?
Next up was feeding the goats.
These guys were pretty eager...
and as payback for not reading my blog... I post this classic picture of Adam's reaction to the goats! Love this picture- bahahaha!
This is my very favorite picture of the day!! If only I had a cool SLR or even photo shop to get rid of those shadows! Man, I make cute kids! The hay maze was pretty funny to watch. The maze turned into chase pretty quickly...
... then it was Monkey See...
...Monkey try really, really hard to do a skirt! Last up was the train ride... which I was told by Mike is really... "just a tractor pulling the cans"
After much deliberation... and even after buying Adam a ticket to ride... We decided Addy could ride alone with Mike in charge.
Just before the first bend we get this look... So daddy did the slow jog with the train... ...em, tractor pulling cans!
All in all... it was the perfect fall day for making fantastic memories!


  1. That does look like a great day full of fun memories! Payback is fun too. :)

  2. What wonderful pictures for a great day. I remember my painted pumpkin tht Michael gave me last year. I love October & grands. LaLa

  3. Yes you do have some super cute kiddos! If you email me that photo, I can try to play around with it in photoshop. I think Sophia and Addy could start a club called "The We Don't Pose for Pics Club (or do anything on command in general club)". I've given up trying to get her to pose. Great pics though! I think Fall was a season made just for the Fey's. Your family has the perfect coloring, hair, skin, eyes, for it.

  4. You DO make cute kids, Kristy Fey! Looks like you all had a fun day!


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