Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Canvas

Fall has certainly snuck on me this year.
I guess I was so busy with birthdays and Halloween,
it almost passed me by.
Have no fear, I did find and hour this past weekend
to make something cute... This cute little canvas was inspired by one of my dreams.
It seems weird, I know,
but if you know me in real life
you know how obsessed I can be about my dreams.
I started by ripping up my copy of Eat Pray Love (ha!)
and then modge-podged the pieces to a cheap canvas.
The pumpkin pattern was from my computer clip art.
I cut it a part, traced it on to pretty scrapbook paper,
and layered on the canvas.
This burlap canvas is just three layered circles
sewn together with a vintage button in the center. Lastly, I added a twine bow and hot glued more twine all around the edge to frame it. Now it sits all alone on a book shelf... waiting for a fall friend or two!

Let's go make something,


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