Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Every so often, I see something so great on Pinterest
I just get up and make it happen! One of these such pins is my new AMAZING bun!
If you know me in real life, you know my hair is medium length and very thin... really thin on the top thanks to my babies! So I am always crazy jealous of those mommies with the big, lush bun... namely because they make it look so effortless. But look at my bun, girls! Super cute, and full eh? How ever did I manage this... well, it is called the sock but and yes, you use a sock. It is so easy... effortless! My first one I used on of my dress socks and it was a good bun and I was thrilled with it, but then I ventured into Adam's drawer and found one of his think manly socks and it was even better... the best part is when you take it down, your hair gets such a pretty wave to it! Another, clever idea that has change my life (lol) is this little trick to keep your broken zipper up and locked. For some reason... okay because they are old and worn regularly... my zippers on my two favorite pair of jeans always slips down- UGH! This smart girl HERE used a mini rubber band to hold hers up and the pic I found they used the round part of a key chain- ha! Works like a charm! And to think Adam says Pinning is a waste of my time!!! Pin It


  1. Wow! Look at you! I have thin hair too - my buns and pony tails are always so puny. A sock, who'd a thunk?

  2. Pinterest to the rescue! I think it looks super thick! And love the flower!

  3. A sock & a mini rubber band...very interesting. Love the way you bun looks! I have some zipper problems also & I have mini rubber bands. Thank for the info. LaLa


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