Saturday, October 22, 2011

Overly Inspired

So how does a mommy realize that she is overwhelmed with creative inspiration? She wakes and sees she forgot to paint the toes on BOTH feet! What on earth would make a crafty mommy feel this excited and inspired? Planning the 2nd birthday party of her very favorite little girl!
I have to admit, part of my problem was pushing off the party plans for her big event. You see, I am just not ready for my baby to turn two! I am not ready for the baby and toddler years to be just a memory. I want to freeze time or put bricks on her head! Oh okay, the overwhelming, wonderful party ideas on PINTEREST did not help... I had trouble "pinning" down just one theme, center pieces, food, invites.... on and on! In the end I went with a Teddy Bear Fall Pic-Nic... aww! And this little project has been so much fun to make!
The inspiration came from this PIN and led me to Rhonda G's BLOG. I however, painted my pumpkins instead of using stickers and vinyl. The ribbon is layered on with wire! Even Adam was impressed when he saw them. For me they were easy, cheap, and they really fit Addy's personality... bright, girly, and cute as heck... not to mention her bow obsession. (Yes, our bow obsession!)


  1. Very cute!! Even looks like her red hair under those BEAUTIFUL bows!

  2. Yes, you were very busy this week. Too funny you forgot to paing the other foot. Everything was so nice for her party. Loved it all. LaLa

  3. That's so funny, but I'd say a good sacrifice. Cause those pumpkins are dang cute! Can't wait to see what other tricks you have up your sleeve for her party. And I hate to say it but I'm having a hard time seeing the baby in her face. She's looking so grown up with all that long hair. But she's still as cute as ever!
    Erin K

  4. Those pumpkins are FABULOUS! I just love them. And that photo of Addie...absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see party pics!

  5. I didn't even know these had made it to pinterest! LOL! Guess a blog reader shared them on the site. Oh well, glad I could share the inspiration! :) ~Your's are so VERY CUTE!!!! Love the color scheme you used and the painting looks wonderful! Thanks for leaving me a message so I could stop over here and see them! And I hope your little one had a wonderful birthday!!! :)


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