Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Addy Bear!

This past weekend we celebrated Adelyn's 2nd (sigh) birthday by throwing her a Teddy Bear Pic-Nic at our favorite park. The party plans were all inspired by these darling invites from Trinity St Studio on Etsy. Mary was kind (and patient) enough to add the teddy bear! Here is my birthday girl before her party started. Her beautiful dress was made by Lisa from Embellish Kids Boutique on Etsy . We both love and I am pretty sure she will be wearing it weekly at it is perfect for dancing and twirling! Aww, shot of the day... the birthday girl with her biggest fan! She is a daddy's girl through and through. This picture melts my heart! Me and my big girl! There are just no words for what she means to me! Here is our table scapes. I did not get a good picture of the banners, which were the prettiest ones I have ever made due to all the wind, maybe I can get a picture here at home soon! We used the roll of kraft paper to cover the tables again and I laid out some of my pretty scrapbook paper down the middle. The teddy bears and lollipops were from Oriental Trade and made great party favors! Everyone really liked the pumpkins... I just love how the helped make the theme girly! I added a tag to one side of the lollipops and a variety of bows to the bears for that special touch! We spread out a quilt and brought a few pillows for the bears to rest while the kids played on the playground.
How cute is this teddy bear? I named her "good" and her sister "will" after their adoption center (I got two bears that were hot glued to a giant frame for $3.99-score!) The snack mix was candy corn and teddy grams... a pretty tasty combo I might add.
And there she is... GoodWill bear #2 with a flower and bow to make her fit for the party.
Grandma made the cake again and I had very adorable cupcakes with a teddy gram and cupcake toppers on top, but no pictures (sigh, again)
We put together boxed lunches for everyone. We had BLTs, PBJs, and Ham and Cheese sandwiches. I put scrapbook paper in frames I had (from Mike's room) to make sure everyone knew which wich was which.
The boxes were layered with tissue paper, a piece of fruit, a baggie of pretzels and the bear mix, a sandwich and plastic ware tied with twine. The PBJ's were shaped like teddy bears for the kids.
The little kids really enjoyed themselves... I wish I could post this series of pictures of these three cuties eating and watching the park happenings! So funny!
After lunch there was more playing, running, and swinging! Present time! Even while she was opening the gift, she really did not understand they were hers. She kept saying "Mikey's presents" and trying to walk away... However, now that the presents are home she is very clear about who they belong, too.
Then it was cake time! It was pretty great to see all of Addy's cousins, friends, and neighbors lined up to sing happy birthday! Adelyn was a little overwhelmed... well, it was either that or the fact that everyone started singing without her, I am still not sure where the tears came from! At her first party she LOVED the singing so much we sang to her twice. Oh, those two year olds! I want to thank everyone who came to Addy's party for making her feel so special! Thanks to my parents and my neighbor Ashley who helped me make my vision a reality! And thanks to my sweet, lovingly, funny, strong willed, beautiful daughter who fills my life with more joy than I deserve! We are one amazingly blessed family!


  1. Your party is gorgeous!!! I love all the thoughtful details you put into their lunch boxes, to the table tops and the adorable! We seem to be on the same color page because I'm using the orange and blue/teal motif for my November decor. Happy birthday Addy-Bear!!!!

  2. What a great job you did. Everything was perfect, of course. I know Pops & I had a great time. Keep of the good work my oldest creative daughter. You got some great shots that I didn't get, enjoyed seeing them. Great memories. Luv Ya-LaLa

  3. As always, spectacular! Addy is so beautiful in her party dress and absolutely LOVE the one of her and her daddy!

  4. Kristy Fey, this party looks spectacular!!! All the personal touches: the pumpkins, the personalized tags on the lollipops, the fancied up box lunches...WOW! It's all beautifully fun. Happy birthday, sweet Adelyn!

  5. beautiful party! I love how the bears are named "good" and "will" lol! :)


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