Friday, October 21, 2011

Night and Day

It is morning at the Fey house and this is what you get.... One super happy kid who bounds down the stairs, runs across the living room, leaps into your arms, and gives hugs and kisses. He has even been known to sing and dance before breakfast- gasp! This kid is a morning person... just like his mama!
And then, there is kiddo #2... you must allow this kid 15- 20 minutes of alone time in her bed before you speak to her, you must wrap her in a blanket (even in July) and carry her down the stairs. She only speaks in grunts or squeals, until she feels "ready" to talk. My baby is anything but a morning person... just like her daddy! Her nick name is "Bear" which came way before her personality, but trust me... it fits!! So what happens when kid 1 and kid 2 live under one roof... because we all know the one thing you "un-morning people" hate is us joyful morning people? Let's just say, mommy's role as peacemaker is at an all time high! The only thing these two agree on is Jake and The Neverland Pirates and breakfast!
Speaking of breakfast... remember this book I told you I bought and liked so much? Well, it has really helped me add some variety to our meals... especially breakfast.
I have always tried to serve the kids two hot breakfast meals a week (and always on the weekends when daddy cooks), but I would normally skip them and Adam would make oatmeal at work.
Now, I make the kids scrambled eggs (one egg and two whites) and Adam and I are eating something balanced as well... like this low fat, whole wheat english muffin sandwich... Mario suggested adding a fresh tomato slice- YUM! and if you have not tried 2% or reduced fat cheese in awhile- trust me these products have come a long way!


  1. That's pretty funny. I love little "Bear's" morning requirements and your breakfast sandwich is making me hungry.

  2. So different but so much alike. Both so cute & loving grandchildren. LALA

  3. I can sympathize. Sophia isn't exactly a morning person either. But then again, either am I until I've had my coffee. They just haven't discovered coffee yet. Is it too early to start them on it yet? Haha!
    Erin K


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