Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Orange" You Glad It's Fall?

The kids and I hosted another fun playdate for all of our new friends. We made these easy and fun torn paper pumpkins
with poster board and orange construction paper.
I had bottles of glue for the big kids and
had q-tips and a little cups of glue for the small kids.
Everyone brought something orange to eat.
We had carrots, jello, oranges, goldfish,
cookies, cheese slices,
orange juice, and cheetos!
Adelyn made THREE orange pumpkins.
She loves making cute stuff, just like her mommy.
Oh, he did not even make one!
He was "too busy"... playing!
This craft is perfect for all ages...
the toddlers And the preschoolers enjoyed it.
And it makes for a quick and easy clean up! We ended the fun with orange pumpkin suckers- yum!


  1. How fun! Love the craft idea! And Addy looks adorable in her Halloween shirt!

  2. Very cute and fun, party lady!

  3. Looks like all those kiddos had a great time. You always go above & beyond but this is how you operate. Great job as always. LaLa


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