Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Easy Halloween Place Mat Puzzles

This week I have made a few fun Halloween games and activities for the kids. I had posted some of these foam place mats puzzles from my classroom days, but since I just found these cute place mats at Big Lots I figured some of you might want to make them, too. My place mats we $1.50 at Big Lots. I bought one for Mike (4) and one for Addy (22mths). These are not the hard plastic place mats, but are the think foam-ish ones.
Mike likes scary stuff these days and Addy, like most 2 year olds, is really digging pumpkins. Keeping this in mind I knew one puzzle would be a little harder than the other.
So with a sharpie draw your puzzle shapes and then mark the pieces with a number just in case they get mixed up. Because the rubberish/ foamish place mats are thick they fit together perfectly so go on and make lots of insert pieces. As a matter of fact, the more the puzzle locks together the better. Next follow your lines with some sharp scissors. Yup, it is that easy!
Here is Adelyn's... see how great it fits together. Nothing is more frustrating for a toddler than when their chubby hands can't make the pieces stick. That is not the case here!
Mike's puzzzle has ten pieces, but I could have made them smaller and had more pieces!
I sure wish I could end this post with a picture of my kids putting them together, but it seems like the only time I get to blog these days are when they are napping.
Your turn... go make something fun!


  1. Love this idea! Sophia is loving puzzles right now so this is perfect.
    You're No-No Room blog is still not liking my computer or something. So here's what I tried to write. How small and cute is he??? So glad you captured these moments on film and in words to remember for later. And I'm in LOVE with Echo Park papers.

  2. Just found your blog today! Love it! I'm a new follower! :)

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies


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