Saturday, August 6, 2011

Favorite Things

I thought is was time for the Fey girls to share some of their favorite things right now. (This makes a great DIL scrapbook page) First up is the Central Market, lemon infused olive oil. My Aunt Loretta introduced it to me when you roasted some asparagus drizzled in this with a pinch of salt and pepper. Holy Moley it was a perfect summer veggie. I also use on chicken, fish,shrimp, and pretty much an vegetable. That pretty jar to the right of it is an organic salt blend grinder from Simply Organic. We call this our house seasoning-lol. We pretty much put it on and in everything!
Not sure which came first the tea mix or the cup, but this is my new mini mama vacation. The diet raspberry tea makes a great sweet treat without the carbs and calories, but when I drink it out of the cutest cup ever- it makes the kids nap time feel like a vacation for me! Every mama needs a special cup... just for herself!
(Thanks, Anne for my cup!)
Here is Addy (who is now 20 months-sigh!) with three of her very favorite things. Her 'baby' commonly called 'bacteria baby' but her mommy and daddy because she can't be washed and has been drug around everywhere. Then we have 'blankie' who is oddly not an addiction, but an obsession... let me explain. We can leave the house without it. She can sleep without it. But, she has her little cuddle routines that require it and 'bacteria baby' likes to be swaddled in it, so it is pretty much always in arms reach. It must me secretly washed and dried. Thank goodness, Lala bought 'blankie jr.' which makes life much simpler around here.

I have been doing a lot of reading these days about living in the now and making sure life little details are captured in our scrapbooks or journals... after all, we know we celebrated Christmas with red and green paper, cookies, and presents... we know everyone had a birthday, but do we remember our favorite things from... lets say summer 1998? When you were 20 months what did you like to do, it, and play with? What are some of your mom's favorite things to use in the kitchen or your dads favorite drink? Adam lost his dad a few years ago and he liked his whisky in a coffee cup and kept a jar of jelly bellies in his top dresser drawer... now these are tiny glimpses of a grandfather my kids never knew. So, go on and make a list of a few of your favorite things!!

Let's go make something,


Our Favorite Things