Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Week...

Aside from unpacking (still) we have been keeping ourselves pretty busy around here... We went to the children's museum and had a blast!
Adelyn started her first dance class... ummm, not a blast, but she looked cute!
Swim lessons every night for Mike, because he makes it a blast....
Adelyn's mommy and me swim lessons... not a blast because she thinks she already knows how to swim!
My sweet cousin Michelle and her son Ryan joined us... that part was a blast!
Maybe Daddy and Me lessons will be a blast? Nope! She still thinks she knows how to swim!
Playing at the swim class... total blast!
Hanging out at the park... super fun, blast!
Even for Miss Independant... Addy!
Building (another pirateship) with daddy... a daddy blast!
Chowing with cousins... our very favorite blast!
Especially with our newest cousin, Reagan! Who happens to have taken over the title "Cutest Baby In The World!"

Let's go make something,


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