Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ahoy! Pirate Play

The kids and I were a little restless the other day so, I asked Mike, "Do you have any ideas?"... his reply was "Let's make a map!" Which led to a morning of pirate fun! Since we start our mornings off with Jake, it seemed natural that our map would be a treasure map.
We found inspiration from a few of our current favorite books...
Thanks, Erin and Sophia!
The map included pirate places like Crocodile Island, Zombie Lake, and Shark Attack Cove... where do they get this stuff!
Adelyn was... ummm... helpful... yup, that's it... helpful! (wink)
I suggested we crumble up the map to make it look old, which did not go over well at first, but has saved a few fits now that it can't really be ruined!
We had some left over eye patches and coins from an old play date...
Pretty as a... pirate!
This wine box makes for the perfect treasure chest!
We pulled out a few swords and make toilet paper roll binoculars.
Mike's bed became his ship... he called himself Captain Mikey, I called him Red Beard (lol)
We had to avoid the school of sharks trying to attack us.
Mike is still keeping close count of his treasure.
and continues to refer to his map days later...
The kids had so much fun pretending and for me it felt good to be involved. What a joy to watch Mike role play and Addy, well she is not exactly there as far as being a pirate, but she makes for one good mommy and saved her babies from the sharks!

Let's go make something,


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