Saturday, July 23, 2011

A 'Super' Father's Day

I know this post is a tad late, but we had such a fun Father's Day I wanted to post all about it. This year we were able to be with my dad ('pops') on Father's Day so I wanted to make it a real treat for the two best dads I know. The started their Father's Day with an early morning fishing trip, so my mom, the kids, and I headed to work to prepare a "Super Daddy" surprise party! I was inspired by this cartoon that reminded me of how Mike and Addy think of Daddy going to work everyday. Aww!
And then a friend of ours threw a super fun super hero party... So I wanted to get a shot of the kids in their super hero outfits to make a card for Adam...
But this was the best I got-lol. A hug-a-war?? So we made our own cards...
I found this cute idea on a teaching blog. Mike really liked drawing on the faces and gluing the 'puzzle' down.
Adelyn added stickers and her own name (wink)
I found these Super Man shirts at Wal-Mart for $7!! And did the ole freezer paper transfer to add the letters. There are a lot of easy tutorial on line and even videos! I really loved the way they turned out.
My mom and I made this super fast banner with card stock and clip art.
The kids painted the left over freezer paper for matching wrapping paper. I think this was their favorite part.
I made brownies and added these free printable cup cake toppers.
This is how the 'party' looked before the dad's came in from fishing. Mike was so excited when he heard the boat pull up... he did not even put his pants on.
He made them close their eyes and walked them into the house... not sure who looks more excited here, Pops or Mikey?
Happy Father's Day!
Pops really liked his shirt!
As did daddy... who has since been forced to wear it by Mike many, many times since then!
They opened presents. I had just had the kids pictures made so they each gave daddy a framed photo for his office. I gave him little grill thermometers for steaks- pretty cool.
Then it was wrestle time with Pops... a favorite for all involved!
The kids helped daddy cook a big breakfast. Again, fun for all those involved!
Later that day, our heroes got to do yet another daddy favorite past time... grill dinner!!
It was truly a great day for two great dads, who are loved and appreciated more than words can say. We love you!!

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