Friday, July 22, 2011

A Boat, Shark, Whale Party

Another catch up post! On May 28th we celebrated fours years of Mike by throwing him a 'boat, shark, whale party'... not an ocean or pirate or even just a shark party... it had to be a 'boat, shark, whale party'! The party was at a local park that we just love! All of our friends and family came- it was so much fun! I did not get a lot of decoration pictures like I normally try to do... since I am a detailed party planner, but I did get a few.
This was the best of many attempts to get a cute sibling shot of the Fey kids in their party gear. One of my favorite details is always the attire!
Grandma, once again, made an impressive cake. This was pretty much all Mike could talk about for weeks... HIS shark cake. We searched many websites and books, but this is the one he really wanted!
I used the same magnetic easel board I used for Addy's party to display some fun photos of the birthday boy. This then became a super easy scrapbook page after the party.
Lala found a shark pinata that was not too scary and doubled as a center piece at one of the tables.
These goodie bags we also used as part of the center pieces.
We started the party off with the breaking of the pinata. The park did not allow us to use a tree to hang him up, so daddy had to step up and be our tree. (Don't tell him, but we were all a tad disappointed we did not get any prize winning video)
The kids were so nice about picking up the candy and prizes... nobody got hurt wrestling for it and everyone got their fair share. I was kinda worried about how it might go.
Here is Mike with his three bestest friends... his cousins!
My big boy with his dream cake!
Here is a shot of almost all the party goers waiting for cake!
Opening presents was a big deal this year. Mike truly felt special with each gift and still remembers who gave him exactly what gift.
His Aunt Amy is pretty much the only person who can give him clothes and still get an excited reaction. She really knows his style (wink).
I like this picture because you can see how sincere his cousins and friends were while he was opening gifts. Of course you may also notice his pesky little sister was not around... that may have been a problem- ha!
Lala and Pops gave him a great scooter... it has three wheels so he is already really good at it!
Afterwards, we all walked over to this natural swim hole at the park.
Mike had the time of his life!
A month and a half later he still talks about swimming here with all his friends and cousins... 'member mommy? member?'
I was pretty happy I did remember to get my own photo with the birthday boy! It sure was a happy, happy day and a party that will go down in Fey family history for sure!

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